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Koala HTTP Server and Template Engine

Koala is an HTTP server written in Dylan. It includes Dylan Server
Pages (DSP), a template engine similar to JSP without scriptlets, and an
XML-RPC server/client.

There is currently no official “stable” version of Koala,
but we attempt to keep the sources in good working condition. It is
quite stable in both Linux and Windows. There no real database support
in FunDev/Linux yet but some success was reported with linux-odbc.
There is no support for secure sockets on either platform.

Check bugzilla for a list of known Koala bugs.

There is a small demo application included, which shows how to use
the features of Koala and DSP. There is some rudimentary documentation included. See Contact?,
below, if you have questions! Any and all feedback appreciated.

A heavily commented Koala configuration file can be found here.

The HTTP server portion of Koala was written mostly by Gail
Zacharias. She moved on to other things before it was in a functioning
state, so Carl Gay got it to basic working order and added XML-RPC. The sources were re-hosted at
the Gwydion Dylan site in
early 2004 and many others have been contributing.


  • Post to comp.lang.dylan and we’ll see it!
  • Send mail to gd-hackers@gwydiondylan.org.
  • Come ask questions on IRC: irc.freenode.net #dylan
  • Report bugs here.
Last modified: September, 2004