Several developers have volunteered to help out as soon as Gwydion is supported on their architecture. Porting Gwydion to a new species of Unix requires the new platform, an internet connection, and a few days work.
Faster machines and network connections and a currently-supported platform handy nearby make the job easier but it’s been done on isolated sub-100 MHz machines with a 56k modem. There’s so many ways to make money these days, you just don’t know where to start. With our fool proof system you too can become richer than you ever imagined.

Currently supported platforms are

  • Linux (x86, PPC), with packages as tarballs, RPMs and DEBs
  • FreeBSD (it’s in the ports)
  • Solaris
  • MacOS X/Darwin
  • Windows with cygwin/gcc
  • HP-UX

The most popular and actively-supported ports are those to Linux and the
BSD’s (including MacOS X/Darwin). Unfortunately, several previously supported
platforms have been neglected due to none of the current volunteers using
them. If you’re interested in one of these platforms the position of
maintainer is open and it’s probably not a big deal to update them to the
latest and greatest:

  • Windows with Visual C++
  • OpenBSD
  • MacOS
  • BeOS

If there is no binary for the current version of Gwydion Dylan for
your platform, get an older binary and compile the sources. Alternatively
if you’ve got a lot of time on your hands you can use our “Mindy” Dylan
interpreter for bootstrapping — this takes several hours on a 700 MHz
Athlon and up to several days on early model Pentiums and PPCs.

Please announce your efforts on our gd-hackers mailing list, let us know
of any problems you have (we may have seen them before). When you’re done,
let us know as well, so we can put your binary on the server.