New Functional Developer Win32 Snapshot (2004-11-19 05:52:29)
A new Functional Developer snapshot for the Win32 platform is available in the usual place.

New source and binary RPMs (2004-11-15 10:56:59)
Thanks to a .spec file rewrite by canllaith, we now have a new and improved RPM for x86 Linux systems, and also a source RPM.

The new RPMs have updated information about Gwydion and also check at install time for the presence of the Boehm garbage collector and complain if it is not found.

Using the source RPM requires an existing installed d2c. If you do not have d2c already and there is no prebuilt binary for your system then you’ll need to do a Mindy bootstrap from the tarball or from the source code repository.

Another Gwydion Dylan 2.4.0 package (2004-11-04 21:06:26)

We now have an RPM for Gwydion 2.4.0 for x86 Linux systems.

Keep those packages for your favourite systems rolling in, folks!

Gwydion Dylan 2.4.0 packages uploaded (2004-11-03 01:32:13)
The following builds of Gwydion Dylan 2.4.0 are now in the binaries download area:

x86 Linux with glibc 2.3 (all recent distros) tarball

MacOS X Panther installer (includes gc libs)
MacOS X Panther tarball (bring your own gc)

As usual, the tarballs should be unpacked from / and install into /usr/local. e.g., for the Linux one:

cat gwydion-dylan-2.4.0-x86-linux.tar.gz | (cd /;sudo tar zxf -)

The OSX version also appears to work fine on the latest Tiger preview.


Gwydion Dylan 2.4.0 Released (2004-10-31 17:49:53)
After more than a year without a software release, we’re proud to present version 2.4.0 of Gwydion Dylan. Release 2.4 marks the end of feature development of a version of d2c that
bootstraps using mindy. Versions 2.5 and onwards will support other
means of bootstrap, probably using cross-platform compilation of generated
C files. We consider 2.4 to be of production stability, even though
it still lacks certain features. It’s basically our “stable” branch now, 2.5 is the current branch for new feature developments.
Functional Developer snapshots available (2004-10-06 10:02:30)
If you have asked yourself why this site has been so quiet for the past months, there’s an easy and very exciting answer: the Functional Developer project is going Open Source, and we’ve been busy playing with the code. The official announcement is still not out yet, but we had the complete code, including the compiler and all the libraries, in our CVS for several months now, and managed to make both the Win32 and the Linux port work.

So, we’re very proud to present snapshots of what is going to become Functional Developer 2.1 (or maybe Open Dylan 1.0?), for Win32 and Linux/x86. Have fun!


Why Dylan is easier to use than C++ (2004-04-12 13:27:59)
While we still owe the world a writeup on the DHC 2004, and an announcement of the Open Source release of the Functional Developer Dylan compiler, here’s an article by Chris Page titled Effective Dylan: 50 Specific Ways Dylan is Easier to Use Than C++.

2nd DHC (Precioussssss) (2004-01-29 13:25:56)
The first week of February should be a mandatory reservation for every
Dylan geek. From all over the World we gather at Middle Earth to attend
at the 2nd International Dylan Hacker’s Conference in Wellington, New
Zealand. Please
find the conference details
ftp site reorganized (2003-11-06 05:12:10)
There has been a reorganization of the downloads directory.

Primarily, all the binary packages have been organized by operating system, CPU architecture (if appropriate), ABI version (if appropriate), and packaging method (tar vs RPM etc). This should make it easier to find what you need without being swamped by packages for systems you don’t care about.

If you find anything misplaced (and I’m not too confident with some of the older OS X versions) then please let us know on the gd-hackers mailing list or the IRC channel.


Dylan Snapshots: Now Apt-Gettable! (2003-10-23 04:45:11)
To satisfy the hunger of the ever-increasing hordes of Dylan programmers, we have started generating daily snapshots of the sources and Debian binaries of the Gwydion Dylan development suite.

Simply add the following line to your /etc/apt/sources.list file and let the fun begin!

deb snapshot/

Note: The syntax is important. You need the trailing / character.

Gwydion Dylan merchandise (2003-09-19 10:58:57)
To support funding of the Gwydion Dylan project, we’ve started to sell merchandise on CafePress. The first item you can get is a 0.45l coffe mug (that’s 15 fl oz for the imperial folks), depicting a class diagram of the central data and code flow structures of the Gwydion Dylan compiler. This is extremely useful for compiler hackers, and nice to look at for the rest.

DylanDownUnder wins Judges Prize at ICFP2003! (2003-09-14 21:36:39)
As the organizers of this year’s International Contest for Functional Programming failed to publish yet: a team of Dylan hackers won the judges prize with their entry. Congratulations, guys!

Gwydion Dylan 2.3.11 Released (2003-09-14 21:25:42)
Gwydion Dylan version 2.3.11 has formally been released today. Source code, as well as binaries for some platforms, can be found in our download section. We have many improvements in platform support, including workarounds for the worst bugs in gcc 3.x.

Stop software patents in Europe before it’s too late (2003-08-27 15:50:16)
Software patents threaten all free software projects, including ours. It’s worrysome that the EU tries to follow the US lead in patentability of software. The European Parliament will vote on the issue on September 1st. Help saving free software, and write to your MEP. FFII has all the information on the issue.

Writeup on ICFP 2003 entry available (2003-08-26 23:40:50)
As every year, a Dylan team has participated in the International Contest for Functional Programming. The writeup of this and the last years is available here.

Major floating point updates (2003-06-03 08:49:59)
Peter Housel vastly improved Gwydion’s floating point handling. There are now primitives to handle floating point numbers, borrowed from the CL specification. Also, we now have precise floating point reading and writing, i.e., if you write a float and then read it back, you will end up with exactly the same float again.

You can find details in his message to the gd-hackers mailing list.


Dylan at the Chaos Communication Camp (2003-04-24 22:50:51)
There will be a compiler writers special interest group on the Chaos Communication Camp this summer. Some of us Dylan Hackers will be there.

Gwydion Dylan 2.3.10 released (2003-04-10 09:05:49)
The Gwydion Dylan Hackers are proud to release version 2.3.10 of Gwydion Dylan. The source tarball, and binaries for Linux/x86 and Solaris/Sparc are already on the FTP servers, more precompiled binary packages (most notably MacOS X and Cygwin) will be available later.

Build with gcc v3.2.2 enabled (2003-03-02 00:21:17)
A long standing problem using d2c with
gcc 3.2.2
seems to be resolved. Not unsurprisingly the bug
is in gcc. Please check out our latest CVS version for
an included workaround if you intend to compile the
generated C code using this compiler release.
Functional Developer Linux Alpha (2003-01-30 12:29:18)
Functional Developer, the commercial Dylan compiler, is now going into the third round of Alpha testing. You can find out more about this at Functional Objects. A big thanks to the Fun-O folks for releasing most of their libraries under a free license, so we can re-use them for Gwydion.

IRC network renamed (2003-01-30 12:21:34)
The IRC network hosting the


channel is now known as freenode. You’re pretty likely to find us there, in case you have questions, want to help, or generally socialize.


MacOS X Installer for Gwydion Dylan 2.3.9 (2002-10-29 19:04:47)
For people who value convenience when installing applications on MacOS X we now provice an installer. Gwydion Dylan on your Mac is only three clicks away!

Gwydion Dylan 2.3.9 released (2002-10-17 18:25:02)
We’re proud to release version 2.3.9 of Gwydion Dylan. This is probably the last version before a 2.4 stable release, and we have made great progress towards a stable, complete, and bug-free version. Source tarball is available now from here. Binary versions for a lot of platforms will follow soon.

New server going online (2002-09-21 18:29:15)
We have moved the different services, like WWW, Mail, FTP etc. to a new dedicated server. This means improved service for you: mailing list archives work again, spam on the lists is reduced, web pages and documentation updated more often.

Now back to work on Gwydion Dylan 2.3.9, to be released soon :).

Dylan Language WikiWikiWeb Now Online (2002-08-08 15:49:51)
The Dylan Language WikiWikiWeb,, is
now online. Check it out, and help fill it with useful content.
DHC is over, Dylan interpreter written (2002-08-04 22:55:14)
The first Dylan Hackers Conference is over. We hacked an interpreter for our low-level intermediate code, giving us a Dylan interpreter suitable for procedural macros and an interactive compiler. See this mail for more.

Dylan Hackers Conference (2002-07-08 20:47:29)
We’ll hold our first conference at the end of the month in Berlin. See here for details. Drop by, if you think you can contribute!

Each-subclass slots (2002-04-18 01:21:16)
The latest CVS version of Gwydion Dylan closes one of the last big gaps in language compliance. It provides slots that are allocated at each-subclass level, i.e. sharing is accomplished between all instances of a particular class. This is best exemplified by saying that a Chevy and a Ferrari are both cars, but they have different top speeds, and each Chevy reaches the same top speed, just like the Ferraris. A bit oversimplified, but you get the idea 🙂
The Dylan Reference Manual describes the whole topic a bit more precisely.The most widespread introductory text (“Dylan Programming” from Feinberg et al.) also puts each-subclass slots to good use. Finally Gwydion Dylan is able to compile the examples in that fine book.

Gwydion Dylan 2.3.8 released (2002-03-05 15:46:23)
We’re still not where we want to be for a stable release, but 2.3.8 is arguably the version with the least bugs and most features ever, so we recommend it for everybody who’s using Gwydion Dylan. For a detailed list of new features and fixed bugs please see the ChangeLog and the news file, as a highlight I should mention a DUIM port based on GTK (DUIM is the Dylan GUI library).

Dylan Hackers score 2nd in Programming Contest (2001-09-07 16:13:24)
The Dylan Hackers, a team consisting of some of the Gwydion Dylan maintainers, won the second prize at the annual ICFP Programming Contest. A summary of our efforts is here.

Release 2.3.5 available (2001-05-26 22:33:02)
Version 2.3.5 of Gwydion Dylan has been released. The compiler now generates faster and smaller code, supports more of the standard, and runs on more platforms. That’s a bunch of good reasons to upgrade :).

class slots work (2001-02-09 04:12:32)
The latest development version of Gwydion Dylan now supports class slots. You can get it directly from the CVS, or use the next daily snapshot.

Also, work on c-ffi is progressing. We hope to get it out for the next release.


Gwydion Dylan for MacOS X (2000-12-20 15:45:54)
Gwydion Dylan 2.3.4 is available now on MacOS X as well. See Rob Myers’ page here for some screenshots and sample applications.

Gwydion Dylan 2.3.4 released (2000-11-30 17:42:34)
The latest version of Gwydion Dylan, release 2.3.4, is available for download.

Browser support added to CodeWarrior plugin (2000-09-27 15:41:52)
The second beta version of the d2c compiler for the CodeWarrior IDE has been released by Gabor Greif.
Gwydion Dylan PPC implements the current (v2.3.4pre) codebase of d2c and now supports the symbol browser.
It is carbonized and has been tested on MacOS X beta. The distribution now contains the needed support files and example applications. One highlight is “Dylan Hacker”, a raytracer, our contribution to the ICFP 2000 contest.
If you have a Power Macintosh (with at least 64 MB RAM) and CodeWarrior Pro 6, you are invited to try it out.
Win32 binary available (2000-07-29 18:39:26)
Douglas Auclair has ported the latest release of Gwydion Dylan to Win32 (cygwin, to be more precise). You can get the binary here. The source patches will be part of the next release (hopefully).

Dylan article on Byte (2000-06-07 03:14:13)
An article about Dylan appeared on the Byte website.

New RPMs for 2.3.3 available (2000-05-17 16:26:23)
The RPMs for version 2.3.3 were broken. New ones are available on the mirrors.

Beta CW plugin (2000-05-17 02:32:55)
Gabor Greif has released the first feature complete version of the d2c compiler for the CodeWarrior IDE. Gwydion Dylan PPC implements the current (v2.3.3) release of d2c and is rather nicely integrated in its environment. If you have a Power Macintosh (with >96 MB RAM) and CodeWarrior Pro 5, you are invited to try it out.

Dylan OpenGL bindings (2000-05-13 00:35:13)
Jeff Dubrule’s OpenGL bindings for Gwydion Dylan have been modified by Andreas Bogk to run with the latest version of utah-glx. This means hardware-accelerated 3D graphics with Dylan! This is also interesting as an example for other people writing Dylan-to-C interfaces, especially those involving function pointers.

MacOS build and sample application (2000-04-25 01:24:40)
Much is happening on the MacOS front of Gwydion Dylan. A new build of d2c 2.3.3 for MacOS is available, as well as a sample application for the Carbon API.

Gwydion Dylan 2.3.3 released (2000-04-13 00:28:00)
After taking a look at the CVS logs I noticed that it was about time to release a new version. You can get binaries and source code at our mirror sites.

IRC channel on openprojects (2000-04-01 16:50:05)
For users and developers of Gwydion Dylan, there’s an IRC channel named


on the openprojects IRC network. You can visit us there for troubleshooting and socialization.


d2c for MacOS (2000-01-22 18:29:41)
Rob Myers finally finished his port of d2c, the Dylan compiler that’s part of Gwydion, to MacOS. Great work! You can get it here, or on any of the mirror sites, once these are updated.

Functional Developer Beta 3 released (2000-01-17 19:51:32)
Beta version 3 of Functional Developer, the software formerly known as Harlequin Dylan, aka the commercial implementation of Dylan, has been released by Functional Objects. It’s still Win32 only, but it has a lot of features and a nice GUI.

Lazy Evaluation for Dylan (2000-01-17 19:25:21)
Neel Krishnaswami has implemented lazy evaluation as known from ML or Scheme. The fact that it only took him a couple of lines tells alot about the expressive power of Dylan, and the fact that his code breaks the current version of Gwydion Dylan means that we have to do some work ;). You can find his code here or on any of the other mirror sites.

Posting on Dylan’s new approach to OO (13 Jan 2000)
Michael T. Richter sent a posting to the comp.lang.dylan newsgroup explaining
that he likes Dylan because of his new approach to OO, splitting up
classes into several orthogonal aspects. Interesting read for all who
are still trying to figure out what’s so special about Dylan.
First working version of d2c for MacOS reported (20 Oct 1999)
Rob Myers announced on
the gd-hackers mailing list that he has built a first version of d2c,
the Dylan compiler that’s part of Gwydion, for MacOS. He expects to be
able to release patches next week. This means that Gwydion Dylan now
works on all major platforms (although nobody maintains the Win32 port
at the moment).
Functional Objects Inc. acquires Harlequin Dylan (10 Oct 1999)
Harlequin has sold all the rights to Harlequin Dylan, the
commercial implementation of Dylan, to the freshly founded Functional
Objects, Inc. Basically, these are the guys that worked on Dylan at
Harlequin, so this is definitely no bad news, and could turn out to be
actually quite good for Dylan, since their press
release actually talks about ports of Harlequin Dylan to other
platforms than the already existing Win32.Good luck, guys!

Mailing lists back up (07 Oct 1999)
You might have noticed it, the Gwydion Dylan mailing lists were down
during the last weeks. We haven’t recovered the subscriber information
yet, so you’ll have to resubscribe, but the mailing lists are
functional again. Addresses have changed, see here for details.
Build Problems with 2.3.2 (24 Aug 1999)
As various people have reported, version 2.3.2 cannot be
compiled with older versions of itself. This is of course a bug, and
that’s why we have a new version, 2.3.2a, on the FTP servers. Just apply the patch in your
source tree, or download the newest version.
Development Release 2.3.2 (22 Aug 1999)
Today the latest development version of Gwydion Dylan, 2.3.2,
has been released. You can get it from the usual places. The long version of the
announcement is here, the main new
feature being shared library support on some platforms. Please note
that our list server is down, so please send bug reports directly to
Andreas Bogk.
PowerMacMindy 2.3.1r2 released (28 Jul 1999)
Rob Myers, the maintainer of the MacOS port of mindy (the
interpreter part of Gwydion Dylan), released a new version of mindy
for PowerMacs. New amongst others are shared library support and
nearly-working streams. You can get the package in the MacOS directory
of one of our mirror sites.
Development Release 2.3.1 (8 Jun 1999)
Today the latest development version of Gwydion Dylan, 2.3.1,
has been released. You can get it from the usual
places. The long version of the announcement is here.
OpenBSD/Sparc Port, xformat library (29 Apr
Brad Dominy has ported Gwydion Dylan to
OpenBSD. Version 2.2.0 can be found on the usual mirror sites in the contributions
directory. Future versions such as the upcoming 2.3.1 development
version will of course include the patches.Also in the
contributions directory is David Lichteblaus port of the Common Lisp
format library to Dylan, which is way more powerful than the native
format library.

PCRE interface library 0.1 released (6 Apr 1999)
The initial version of the PCRE (Perl Compatible Regular Expressions)
interface is available from the contributions directory of any of our
mirror sites. This version provides a
one-to-one mapping from the native PCRE C API into Dylan. The next release
will extend this greatly.
Mac version of mindy available (1 Apr 1999)
Due to the efforts of Rob Myers, mindy, the Dylan interpreter
from the Gwydion Dylan package, is available for the Macintosh. You
can get it from usual location, the contributions directory of any of
our mirror sites.
MySQL interface library 0.1 released (11 Mar 1999)
The MySQL interface is still work in progress, but all the
low-level stuff is there, and it has been used successfully together
with the cgi-lib. You can download it from the contrib directory of any
mirror site.
Peter Hinely’s CGI Library Updated (12 Feb 1999)
Peter Hinely has released a new version of his CGI library. You can
download it from the contrib directory of any mirror site.
Gwydion Dylan 2.2.0 Released (7 Feb 1999)
We’ve been busy talking with Harlequin about language
standardization, but 2.2.0 is finally ready! You can download it from any
of our mirrors. See the official announcement for more
information.This represents over nine months of work and the labors of many
volunteers. Thank you to everyone who helped out!

Gwydion Dylan 2.1.3 Released (9 Jan 1999)
We’re almost there! Gwydion Dylan 2.1.3 is the final development
release before 2.2. Barring any unexpected bugs, we’ll rerelease in a week
or two as the official 2.2.New features include many bug fixes, a new parse-arguments library and
brand new man pages.

Code Freeze for Gwydion Dylan 2.2 (24 Dec 1998)
We’ve frozen the code in CVS in anticipation of our forthcoming 2.2
release. Look for a final test version, and then the real thing!
Gwydion Dylan Status Report (24 Dec 1998)
We’re pushing towards a code freeze now. A few outstanding bugs need
fixing (see the critical section in the bug tracker), bits
of Melange need further study, and our documentation is still not
completely resolved.Jeff Dubrule has ported Mindy to run on a 64-bit system (RedHat 5.2
Alpha), and has started work on d2c. (These ports will not be included
in 2.2.) Peter Housel and Matthias Hoelzl have been stomping bugs left and
right, and Eric Kidd has rewritten getopt and cooked up some man pages.
Andreas has been working to make Melange play nicely with Gtk+, and Peter
Hinely has been helping edit our documentation. Shaleh has bootstrapped d2c
under Debian, and should have debs sometime soon.

Gwydion Dylan 2.1.2 Released (1 Dec 1998)
The feature freeze for 2.2 is now in effect. We’re closing out our
critical bugs, working on documentation, and breaking one or two small
things which should be done before we have users.
Gwydion Dylan 2.1.1 1998-09-16
This month’s snapshot includes a LinuxPPC port by Andreas Bogk, new
Solaris binaries from Ole Tetlie, C-to-Dylan callback support by Peter
Housel and a vastly improved Emacs dylan-mode courtesy of Harlequin, Ltd
(and others). Peter Housel has also worked extensively on cleaning up and
adding to the documentation.
Gwydion Dylan 2.1 1998-08-17
The current release has been prepared by a group of volunteers. It
includes improved FreeBSD support and a better build system. It can also
parse most of the standard Linux C headers and automatically generate
Dylan interfaces.

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