The credit for Gwydion Dylan should go to the Gwydion Group at CMU, which is currently researching advanced development environments. They wrote Melange, d2c, the standard Dylan libraries and many useful tools.

The current maintainers of Gwydion are Dylan enthusiasts who hope to fight bit rot and add new features to the compiler. We are (in alphabetical order):

Core Team Douglas M. Auclair

  • Ported Gwydion Dylan to Cygnus Win32, current maintainer
  • Developed Gwydion Dylan versions of the Date and common File-system
  • Ported time library to Solaris and Cygnus Win32
  • Documented a large part of the common libraries
  • Synthesized the native Dylan XML parser

Andreas Bogk

  • SuSE and libc5 maintainer
  • FTP and CVS administrator

Tom Emerson

  • Solaris 2.x maintainer
  • Sundry libraries (operating-system, file-system, date, and regexp)
  • Internationalization and Localization
  • Complete build system redesign

Gabor Greif

  • class and each-subclass allocated slots
  • performance improvements
  • loves to write papers on novel techniques (that may never see the light of day 🙂
  • CodeWarrior plugin (now in limbo)

Matthias Hoelzl

  • Really impressive compiler improvements
  • Standard libraries
  • New Gtk+ bindings

Bruce Hoult

  • PowerPC callback functions
  • Conned the others into entering the
    ICFP 2000 programming contest.
    You can browse or check-out the code of our entry
  • d2c internals hacker-in-training
  • Attempted d2c and libraries performance Nazi

Peter S. Housel

  • FreeBSD maintainer
  • Low-level C interface

Eric Kidd

  • RedHat 5.1/x86 and lib6 maintainer
  • Webmaster
  • C interface generator
  • Common-Dylan

Brent Fulgham

  • Debian GNU/Linux Maintainer
  • Native Win32 Support

The core team acts as an advisory board. None of us have enough time to
act as the “authoritative developer” the way Linus Torvalds does, so we
split the responsibility.

We don’t do all of the work ourselves, though. Our major contributors
are tackling several large and important projects.

Major Contributors

Jeff Dubrule

  • 64-bit Mindy and d2c
  • Other enhancements
  • Debugging support

Peter Hinely

  • Mindy for the BeOS
  • Performance improvements

If you’d like to join us, check out the community resources.