The Gwydion Dylan developers use a wide range of tools to develop source code. The following is a set of helpful links and snippets of information to get you up to speed in these disparate environments:

Source Editing

The most important tool for any developer (aside from the compiler!) is the
editing environment. Dylan is well-supported by a number of tools, both
Free and commercial.


Most developers use one of the various Emacs flavors. We include a full Emacs editing mode in the standard source release. Look for it in the src/tools/elisp directory.


At least one developer is likes to use Vim.
Vim comes out-of-the-box in Version 6.2 with Dylan editing and indentation


Several of the developers use Metrowerks
CodeWarrior. A
is available (in the main source distribution) to use CodeWarrior
as a full Dylan IDE.

Open Dylan

The premier Dylan environment. Though this tool set does not currently support
Gwydion Dylan natively, it
is an excellent Windows (and Linux) development platform for Dylan development.

Source Conversion


Peter Norvig’s LTD tool can convert legacy code from Common Lisp to Dylan, or at least greatly reduce the amount of manual labor required.

Source Viewing

Life isn’t all about hacking — sometimes you need to research or review
other people’s code.


This powerful GNU program can format source code, convert between various
page formats, and render HTML-ized versions of source code. We wrote a

so that Enscript can render Dylan sources. We use this plugin
behind the scenes to power our installation of