This is a screenshot from our VRML viewer. This uses the OpenGL bindings for Dylan.


We are currently porting the DUIM (Dylan User Interface Manager) and gtk-duim libraries (provided by Functional Objects) to Gwydion Dylan. (This, compiled with Functional Developer (now called Open Dylan) and running on Win32, is what it should look like.)


Gwydion can also be used to write simple Gtk+ programs.

The following screenshots demonstrate various ideas for a Gwydion IDE.

browser-mockup (Fake)

We want our IDE to seemlessly browse code and documentation. You
should be able to right-click on a name and jump to the relevant

These hypercode features could be implemented using a code database. Of
course, such a scheme should still be compatible with CVS, traditional text
editors and command-line compilers.

An essential part of the Gwydion Hypercode environment (as conceived)
was the

versioning of objects and

cross-referenced browsing.

It wouldn’t be impossible to make Gwydion browse C code, too–we
already have a working C parser written in Dylan.

browsers1 (Real)browsers2 (Real)

Apple Dylan provided a similar environment based on linked
panes. Gwydion would probably represent each pane as a browser window.