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Mailing Lists

We have several mailing lists. To subscribe, please send mail to the appropriate subscription address by clicking on the subscribe link.

gd-announce subscribe archives

Find out about new Gwydion Dylan releases! This is an extremely low-traffic list reserved for announcements. (If you subscribe to gd-hackers below, you don't need to subscribe to this list, too.)

gd-hackers subscribe archives

Our public development list. Here's where we talk about improving Gwydion Dylan and co-ordinate most of our development work. (A very small bit happens behind the scenes.) If you want to contribute, this is the place to start. Just post a message explaining what you'd like to do, and see what other developers suggest. You can post small patches to the list, or upload big ones to our FTP site. Lurkers are also welcome, too!

gd-chatter subscribe archives

This list contains nothing but CVS and Bugzilla output. This is for hardcore developers who need to know everything that's going on.


This is the newsgroup dedicated to the discussion of Dylan