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VRML Viewer

This is a screenshot from our VRML viewer. This uses the OpenGL bindings for Dylan.

DUIM Test Suite

We are currently porting the DUIM (Dylan User Interface Manager) and gtk-duim libraries (provided by Functional Objects) to Gwydion Dylan. (This, compiled with Functional Developer (now called Open Dylan) and running on Win32, is what it should look like.)

Old Gtk+ demo from CVS

Gwydion can also be used to write simple Gtk+ programs.

The following screenshots demonstrate various ideas for a Gwydion IDE.

Gwydion Hypercode Browser mockup (Fake)

We want our IDE to seemlessly browse code and documentation. You should be able to right-click on a name and jump to the relevant documentation.

These hypercode features could be implemented using a code database. Of course, such a scheme should still be compatible with CVS, traditional text editors and command-line compilers.

An essential part of the Gwydion Hypercode environment (as conceived) was the versioning of objects and cross-referenced browsing.

It wouldn't be impossible to make Gwydion browse C code, too--we already have a working C parser written in Dylan.

Apple Dylan editor (Real)
Apple Dylan class browser (Real)

Apple Dylan provided a similar environment based on linked panes. Gwydion would probably represent each pane as a browser window.