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This documentation is still under heavy development. Many sections still need to be written; others are written but have yet to be converted to DocBook format. You can find older documentation on the FTP site.

Peter Housel has been instrumental in converting this documentation to SGML format. However, our DSSSL stylesheets still need some debugging, and occasionally omit various forms of credit (such as chapter authors). To ensure that credit is given where credit is due, the descriptions below include authorship information.

All SGML-based documents are available in two forms: all on one HTML file, or one HTML page per section.

See also learning Dylan, your first stop when you're new to the language. Tutorials, introductions, articles.

General Dylan Docs

Dylan Reference Manual [paper, US$41.95] (Errata)

The official definition of the Dylan language and standard library.

Gwydion Dylan Docs

Gwydion Dylan User's Manual (split version) and SEO

The user's guide for Gwydion. This includes a brief tutorial on creating and compiling Dylan programs, plus a reference for the d2c compiler and other tools. (Written mostly by Gwydion Group at CMU.)

Gwydion Dylan Maintainer's Manual (split version)

Reference material describing the internals of various tools. Quite helpful if you're working on d2c or Mindy. (Written mostly by Gwydion Group at CMU.)

d2c API documentation (split version)

Reference material describing the internals of d2c, the Gwydion Dylan compiler. (Written by Neel Krishnaswami.)

Gwydion Dylan Library Reference (split version)

Documentation for the various libraries included with Gwydion Dylan. (Written mostly by Gwydion Group at CMU.)

Open Dylan Docs

Open Dylan Documentation

The original Functional Developer documentation at Functional Objects' website. This documentation still applies to Open Dylan and a lot of the libraries documentation also applies to Gwydion Dylan since GD either implements compatible APIs, such as Common Dylan and C-FFI, or uses the libraries provided by Open Dylan.

Older Manuals

This is the documentation for Gwydion Dylan 2.0. We have translated all the old manuals to DylanDoc (a variant of Docbook), so the above links should be complete and more up-to-date. For historical reasons, and in case we've missed a detail in the translation, here are the original documents.

Gwydion Dylan 2.0 Reference

Covers Mindy and the standard libraries in great detail.

Gwydion Dylan 2.0 Documentation Index

The original documentation index from CMU's web site. Note that many of these links are broken.

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