[Gd-hackers] Release of Open Dylan 1.0beta1

Hannes Mehnert hannes at mehnert.org
Tue Sep 27 11:18:24 UTC 2005

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we're glad to be able to announce the release of Open Dylan 1.0beta1:

Open Dylan is an open source implementation of the Dylan programming
language, plus a large number of assorted libraries. Most of the code
had once been developed by a company called Harlequin, for a product
called DylanWorks in the beginning, and Harlequin Dylan later. After
Harlequin demised, some of the programmers acquired the rights, and kept
selling the development environment under the name of Functional
Developer. Eventually, to the joy of the Dylan community, they decided
to release all of their source code under an open source license. What
you can download at http://www.opendylan.org/downloads/opendylan/
is the attempt of a group of enthusiasts calling themselves the
"Dylan Hackers" (that's us :) ) to bundle up this code,
and publish it in a form useful for the general public.

This is release 1.0beta1, the first public release of Open Dylan.
Naturally, we expect this release to have bugs. We're interested in
getting your feedback, in order to improve this product.

Downloads are available for Linux/x86 and Windows.

Hannes Mehnert
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