[Gd-hackers] d2c segfault while parsing libpng-internal-exports.dylan

Mike Austin mike_ekim at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 12 07:30:39 UTC 2005

I'm trying to compile libraries/libpng-dylan, and have been usucessful so far. 
  The current problem is that d2c segfaults while processing 
libpng-internal-exports.dylan.  housel reccomended getting r9285 because I'm 
using 2.4.1pre1.

svn co -r 9285 \

 > make
melange --d2c -I`gcc --print-file-name=include` -m 
libpng-internal-exports.dylan, libpng-intr.intr libpng-intr.dylan,
Processing "./" dir.
Processing "/usr/lib/gcc/i686-pc-cygwin/3.4.4/include" dir.
Processing "/usr/include" dir.
"/usr/include/limits.h" is full-name
Type name: png_write_destroy_info:1: Unknown identifier: png_write_destroy_info
while calling {Method rcurry{<function>} internal method ()} with 
mv libpng-intr.dylan, libpng-intr.dylan
mv libpng-internal-exports.dylan, libpng-internal-exports.dylan
d2c libpng.lid
Compiling library libpng
[Loading library Dylan...]
Parsing libpng.dylan
[Loading library common-dylan...
   [Loading library melange-support...]
   [Loading library streams...]
   [Loading library Threads...]
   [Loading library table-extensions...]
   [Loading library Random...
    [Loading library transcendental...]]]
[Loading library io...
   [Loading library print...]
   [Loading library format...]
   [Loading library standard-io...]
   [Loading library format-out...]]
Parsing libpng-internal-exports.dylan

(back at prompt)


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