[Gd-hackers] new mailing list name?

Chris Page chris at chris-page.org
Wed Nov 2 19:57:21 UTC 2005

On Oct 25, 2005, at 23:23 PM, Carl Gay wrote:

> How about creating a new list called dylan-hackers that becomes
> the new de-facto place to send email that currently goes to
> gd-hackers?  gd-hackers would remain as an alias for dylan-hackers.
> ...
> Similarly, gd-chatter -> dylan-chatter.

If we're going to be renaming them, how about making the names more  
descriptive? I like Apple's list naming scheme, which is generally  
pretty unambiguous, e.g., "applescript-users" and "applescript- 

How about

     gd-hackers -> dylan-implementors
     gd-chatter -> dylan-notifications

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