[Gd-hackers] new mailing list name?

Chris Page chris at chris-page.org
Wed Nov 2 19:54:22 UTC 2005

On Oct 30, 2005, at 04:40 AM, Sam Deane wrote:

> I thought that there was a move towards having all discussions on  
> the news group?

I always encourage people to post to comp.lang.dylan when possible,  
where there's a wider audience and it makes it clearer that Dylan is  
still alive and well.

The dylan-info list used to be gatewayed to c.l.d, but it broke some  
time ago. If we could get another gateway, then perhaps we should  
also create a new sub-group, comp.lang.dylan.gwydion (for example)  
and connect it to gd-hackers.

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