[Gd-hackers] new mailing list name?

Chris Page chris at chris-page.org
Wed Nov 2 19:51:50 UTC 2005

On Oct 30, 2005, at 10:02 AM, Hannes Mehnert wrote:

> of course, the list-id will change then

Please, no, or at least: No, it doesn't necessarily follow that the  
List-ID will change.

List-ID is supposed to be as persistent as possible, even if the list  
address changes. In fact, the ID doesn't have to include any portion  
of the list address, name or topic. The contents are almost entirely  
arbitrary. They can contain domain names in order to leverage the  
domain name system to make it easy to assign unique IDs, but that  
domain doesn't have to have any relationship to the list address.

If you really think it's important to change the List-ID, at least  
try to change it to something that is more generic and not likely to  
change the next time we change the list address. For example, make it  
more descriptive, like, "dylan-implementors...".

 From the RFC:


"4. Persistence of List Identifiers

    Although the list identifier MAY be changed by the mailing list
    administrator this is not desirable.  (Note that there is no
    disadvantage to changing the description portion of the List-Id
    header.)  A MUA may not recognize the change to the list identifier
    because the MUA SHOULD treat a different list identifier as a
    different list.  As such the mailing list administrator SHOULD avoid
    changing the list identifier even when the host serving the list
    changes.  On the other hand, transitioning from an informal
    unmanaged-list-id-namespace to a domain namespace is an acceptable
    reason to change the list identifier.  Also if the focus of the list
    changes sufficiently the administrator may wish to retire the
    previous list and its associated identifier to start a new list
    reflecting the new focus."

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