We’re trying to build easy-to-install packages for as many operating systems and architectures as we can. We want people to get up to speed with Gwydion Dylan as quickly as possible.

FreeBSD x86: progress7
Linux x86 libc5 tgz: progress10
Linux x86 libc6 tgz: progress10
Linux x86 libc5 RPM: progress10
Linux x86 libc6 RPM: progress10
Linux PowerPC libc6 RPM: progress10
Linux x86 libc6 deb: progress10
Linux SPARC libc6 deb: progress10
MacOS X/Darwin tgz: progress10
MacOS X/Darwin package: progress2
Solaris SPARC tgz: progress10

The libc6 packages are used by RedHat 5.1 and Debian 3.0. Older RedHat
and Debian versions and all other Linux distributions use the libc5

We’d like to add other operating systems to this list, but we need ports to those platforms first.